Sponsors Dumping Far-Left Radio

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Ain’t gonna get it back that way, comrade

National Public Radio has announced a hiring freeze to avoid layoffs… in the wake of losing some $20 million in corporate sponsorship–about 42% of NPR’s total income (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/12/npr-loses-20-million-corporate-sponsorships-implements-hiring-freeze/).

Management blames it on “global economic contraction.” I’m amazed they didn’t blame it on Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, they plan a $10 million spending cut, which will still leave them in the red but hey, it’s “public” radio–which means they can always stick the public with the bill.

Is it possible that year after year after year of way-out left-wing bias has finally caught up with NPR? We used to donate–but their antics drove us out of there quite a few years ago. No, we are not going to contribute to the delinquency of a radio station. If they want transgender puppet shows for pre-schoolers, let ’em do it on their own dime.

As if they’ve ever done anything on their own dime.


4 comments on “Sponsors Dumping Far-Left Radio

  1. The trouble is that they still get subsidized with our tax dollars. Their famous fundraisers are just gravy on the pork for them.

  2. Circa 40 years ago, I listened to the DU (Denver University) station, pretty much all the time. The news was pretty good and I enjoyed the classical music they played. Over the years, the news seemed to drift into preaching on social issues and, eventually, I gave up on them. I’ve ventured back a few times, including the local Public Radio station nearest where I live, but I always end up feeling like a Universalist at a tent revival. 🙂 If they still play decent music, I haven’t heard of it. Most of the time, they seem to want to “shape opinion”, which is to say bombard you with their politics.

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