Disney Woke, Disney Broke

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Headed for shoals, mouse! Better change course.

All right, that’s enough about our disgustingly corrupt and wasteful education system. Turn we unto our disgustingly corrupt and wasteful entertainment industry.

Disney Corp, “Groomers ‘R’ Us”, is taking a beating in the stock market, its shares losing some 4% of their value last week… and Disney stock is down 42% from what it was, going into this year (https://www.breitbart.com/entertainment/2022/12/15/disney-shares-plummet-pushing-dow-jones-industrial-average-to-worst-loss-in-three-months/).

“Gawrsh, Mickey, how come they don’t like us anymore?” “It’s because our bosses are a bunch of groomers, Goofy! Gee, I wish we could get out of here.”

Leading the charge to transform America into God knows what, and pray we never find out, Disney Corp has seen its mojo melt away. They got into a showdown with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis  and came out of it on a stretcher.

Leftids just don’t understand that “gays” and trannies et al just aren’t as popular with regular people as Disney Corp and teachers’ unions think they should be. They are flabbergasted that they’re losing money. Duh! Dude, it’s because fewer and fewer people are payin’ to walk through your turnstiles. Gotta change your ways, chuckles!

But probably they can’t do that.

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  1. Where I’m considered, Disney corporation has lost any value it once had. Fortunately, I don’t have any Disney stock. If I did, I would be irate, to say the least.

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