‘Trendy Church Leader, Beware’

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Those who stand with Planned Parenthood will fall with Planned Parenthood.

The other day we posted the news that some 6,000 churches (!) have cut their ties to the United Methodist Church because they were sick and tired of “activists” in the denomination trying to make it “gay-friendly.” That’s a lot of congregations!

Trendy Church Leader, Beware

You’d think losing all those churches would at least suggest to UMC leaders that they just might possibly maybe be doing something wrong. But all they ever do is double down on losing hands. How many congregations have to secede before these dindles get the message?

‘You’re Still a Racist’ (2016)

Fake churches with counterfeit christs–well, the real Jesus Christ warned us that was coming, didn’t He?  So we mustn’t be surprised when we get garbage like this from phony-baloney plastic churches.

‘You’re Still a Racist’

Don’t expect liberals to ease up on the race-baiting just because it’s Christmas.

Yo, chuckles! How’s about you listen for a change? That loud stomping sound you hear is sane people high-tailing it our of your denomination.

Another Fake ‘Church’

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The video is much too gross to post here. Let’s have a happy puppy instead.

I feared to write this up, lest I incur a spiritual pollution. But it’s important to know and to show that corruption cuts across denominational boundaries. These mean nothing to Satan.

I’m not going to link to it and I’m not going to post the video. Suffice it to say that in 2019, to protest the United Methodist Church’s bans on “gay marriage” and ordaining “gay” clergy, a Methodist church in Durham, N.C.–this is when a church is not a church–held a Drag Queen, er… “service.” I will not link to the article. You can track it down easily enough yourself, if so motivated.

In addition to being just plain revolting, this is indicative of a much worse problem–a so-called church taking it upon itself to deny God’s word and replace His laws with their own.

I think things are getting worse… all over the world.

Go ahead, tell me I’m wrong.

‘Why Do Leftids Claim to Be Christians?’ (2017)

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They’re not fooling us.

The way things are going, they’ll eventually cast aside all pretense and be out-and-out antichrists. (Ya mean they aren’t already? Could’ve fooled me!) But for the time being it still suits Democrats to make believe they’re Christians.

Why Do Leftids Claim to be Christians?

Of course, it doesn’t help that the Pope himself aids and abets such reprobates as Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden, two politicians who couldn’t be more anti-Christ if their names were Marx and Lenin.

And none of this would have happened if the Church remembered it was a Church and not a social club for virtue-signallers.


‘No, Please, Not That! “Beyonce Mass”‘ (2018)

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One picture of Beyonce is more than enough for me on any given day. Here’s a nice sleeping kitten instead.

There are churches that long for popularity and try to get it by tacking themselves onto pop culture. Like this:

No, Please, Not That! ‘Beyonce Mass’

I’m very near to being speechless. This is church? Never mind the Holy Scriptures–we’ve got Beyonce!

I can hardly bear to think of it.

‘”Transgender Preacher”–Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin’ (2016)

Israelites worshiping the golden calf. | Golden calf, Bible pictures, Bible  images

Worshiping the Golden Calf–some things never change

Has the whole world’s ruling class simply gone mad? Even the churches?

‘Transgender Preacher’–Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin

The church I grew up in, I can’t go there anymore. They put up a sign outside, promising to be “welcoming and affirming.” I don’t think I want to know whom they’re welcoming or what they’re affirming. It would only make me cry.

So the Bible’s all wrong, is it? And for true spiritual nourishment, turn to our pop culture!

Please, God, deliver us out of this.

‘New Religions and the Nazis’

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There could only be one fuhrer…

The term “nazi” is bandied about today by people who don’t know what it means.

Well, one of the things it certainly meant in real life was an organized effort to estrange the German people from their Christian heritage. And Prof. Karla Poewe wrote a book about just how that was done.


Adolf Hitler used the “German Faith Movement,” and other eccentric new religious groups; and the “fuhrer” of the German Faith Movement used Hitler. But as Poewe points out, there was room for only one fuhrer in Germany; and Hitler made sure it was himself.

But for a while there, Germany’s destiny was guided by a sleazy partnership of Big Government and Big Pseudo-Church. Reading about this should make us uncomfortable. The German Faith Movement rejected most of the Bible, ultimately rejected Jesus Christ (“too Jewish!”), and yet still promoted itself as a “Christian” denomination. Reading about that should make us uncomfortable, too? Can you say “Clergy For Choice”?

The Nazis were anti-Christian, hyper-nationalist, big government socialists: as in “the National Socialist Germany Workers Party.”

They were not American Republicans.

‘Atheist Mega-churches (New Fad)’ (2013)

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If they only called them “social gatherings,” no one would notice. But some folks will do anything to be noticed, so they called these get-togethers “atheist mega-churches” and voila! All the nooze media covered them at once.

Atheist Mega-Churches (New Fad)

Actually it’s kind of spooky the way they all do the same story at the same time. How do they manage that?

And those people who don’t want God: what if He doesn’t want them?