Dig That Global Warming! (Oops! ‘Climate Change’)

Incredible images of icy roads and frozen cars in Tenerife and La Palma

Would you believe this picture was taken in the Canary Islands? Yeesh!

It’s really hard to jabber about Global Warming when it’s 64 degrees below zero–which is what the thermometer read the other day in Rabbit Kettle, Northwest Territories (Canada). The last time it got that cold up there was in 1980, when it was 67 below.


But check out that AccuWeather report, above. It was one below in Nashville. TV–a new record low. A couple of people up in Buffalo have died as a result of extreme winter weather.

Well, that’s why they had to repackage Global Warming as Climate Change, isn’t it?

In their wildest dreams and fantasies, do puffed-up “scientists” and globalist big wigs really, truly, honestly believe that they can control the whole world’s climates? Note that I did not say “climate.” That’s because there is no such thing as a world climate. What we have is a whole bunch of different climates, depending on where you are, the time of year, and local weather conditions which constantly change.

Constant change is the rule of life on a living planet. We are on the only one we know about. We do not own it. We do not control it.

And Barack Obama, John Kerry, and Klaus Schwab can go to blazes.

P.S.–Both our cars have their doors frozen shut. Oh, fap!

7 comments on “Dig That Global Warming! (Oops! ‘Climate Change’)

  1. It appears that we are in a period of decreasing sunspot activity, and prior cycles would suggest that it’s going to be colder than normal, for the next 25-35 years.

  2. Lately I’ve been recommending that people read the Laura Ingalls Wilder books (the “Little House” series) to see what kind of Climate Crises™ aka bad weather conditions the Ingalls and Wilder families went through in places where there were almost no people at all. Weather happens. Climate varies.

    And as a side note, modern technology doesn’t cause the bad weather but it certainly prevents more people from dying in the bad weather.

  3. The Siberian Artic Blast was because the earth is getting too warm? And boys can biologically become girls, etc – what at bunch of bunk. More people die from the severe cold than the severe heat – a gradually warming planet is a good thing!

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