Should I Do Nooze This Week?

So Cute when asleep : r/Hedgehog

I’m tired! This has been a rough year–not many people can honestly say it hasn’t. The country’s a mess, Democrats are ruining it, the rest of the world’s no better off, and to me all the nooze stories are starting to sound like the same damnfool story endlessly repeated.

I don’t want to let go of Christmas. We need Christmas! Here I am, ready to post your Christmas carol requests. I’ve extended the carol contest to New Year’s.

I admit I’m afraid to see what happens to my viewership if I let a few days go by without doing any nooze. Oh, if there’s an article that forces me to write it, I’ll write it. I know what my job is. But if we could find things more edifying to talk about… well, that would be nice.

Maybe some book and movie reviews. I don’t know. What do you think?

9 comments on “Should I Do Nooze This Week?

  1. Yes, book reviews would be interesting, Mr. Lee Duigon. You could post your list of homeschool books, too.

  2. Book and movie reviews are great. Maybe you could try to limit the news section to those stories the News industry is not harping on day after day, stories we may not see on the places we go for news (and it sure isn’t the MSM).

  3. Myself, I’m back at the stage of exhaustion where I read but don’t have the energy to comment. I appreciate everything you post, but sometimes I just run down. This is one of those times. I could fall asleep on that hedgehog.

    1. Not as sorry as the hedgehog would be. 🙂 Anyway, I’m so exhausted and benumbed (and my hands torn up from cleaning up the messes in the church pews this weekend) that I wouldn’t notice a few more punctures.

  4. Years ago, there was an evangelist, whose main message and sermons always dwelt with subjects similar to the nooze stories you present. He presented information and news about things we needed to know and be aware of. I had many of his sermons on cassette tape, and for two weeks I binged listened, hour after hour. After two weeks of that, I felt so depressed and despondent, I felt like evil was about to take over, and there was almost nothing we could do, for evil men were in positions of great power, and having their way in most institutions on earth, and it was just about over, the antichrist was going to take over within a few months or so…

    That was over 50 years ago. Evil did not take over. It may have grown over the years, but great good has also developed. I threw all his tapes away, and started to listen to sermons and messages of God working His power and love and miracles through His people today in many places on earth in many countries. I read books about John Patton, Mary Slessor and many other missionary’s, many are the wonderful stories and works God did through and for those people, things we need to hear and read about. Inspiring true stories of God doing miraculous things through people like Brother Andrew (author of “Gods Smuggler”) working behind the Iron Curtain.

    Every once in a while, we do need to know about the nooze, about the evil that happens, and is occurring all over. The things you bring to our attention, most, I did not know or hadn’t heard before, thus I was glad you wrote about it.

    I feel a bit less nooze, would not be a bad thing. A bit more about the inspiring true stories of God working today, which news stories we almost never read about, I believe would be good.

    Also, a few more book reviews might be nice to read once in a while. And I am looking forward to reading one book review in particular, in the near future, something with “Israel” in the title (hint, hint).

    1. Mike, I owe you that review and I won’t forget it. I have one more set of chapters to write of “Ozias, Prince in Peril.” Then I can take a few months off novels and catch up on my stack of books to review. I might add that you’re in good company.

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