They’re Not Done With Us Yet

Kamala Harris' Comedy Central interview turns awkward then contentious

Waving goodbye to our liberty

Several U.S. senators have already said they won’t attend “Vice President” Kamala Harris’ swearing-in ceremony.

Don’t get comfortable–the Regime is not yet ready to let go of COVID.

Harris has declared that no one will be allowed to participate in the ceremony unless they’ve tested negative for COVID “within 24 hours” of the event–including all children (senators’ grandchildren, mostly) over two years old ( Gotta test negative “regardless of vaccination status.”

“President” SloJo, meanwhile, has been saying COVID is over. Go figure.

Where does this end? Does it ever end? COVID is loose in the environment now, however that happened. Have they got their eye on another lockdown? Has this become, like Climbit Change, a perpetual excuse for any exercise of tyranny that Harris & Co. can think of?

I’m guessing yes.

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  1. Definitely yes. Once a tyrant eases the fear machinery, the peasants start getting too frisky. Gotta keep reminding those peasants who’s in charge.

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