Special Treat! Bell Mountain Illustrations

jack and ellayne

It took Patty a while to figure out how to get it done, but she finally solved the mystery and I am now able to present these original Bell Mountain illustrations by Katheleen and Kerolyn, in Brazil. They’ve sent me a bunch of them. But I think I’ll post just one a day.

Here we have Jack and Ellayne before they set out on their epic journey.

I wonder if we’ll ever have a Bell Mountain edition that features these illustrations inside. We’ve had Joshua in Japan translating the book into Japanese, and Katheleen wants to translate the whole series into Portuguese–well, who knows?

To know that I have readers who love my books so much–and children, no less (Joshua was still a teen when he started his project)–well, it’s quite a feeling for me, and I don’t know how to describe it.

P.S.–I stumbled over this, yesterday. An amazon.com customer review on the whole Bell Mountain series. I quote: “Best series EVER!”

Good Lord…


15 comments on “Special Treat! Bell Mountain Illustrations

  1. I like those illustrations. I’m not an expert on art, so I wouldn’t know to whom the style is comparable, but it reminds me of a style I’ve seen before, and admired.

    You have a good series, and it’s wholesome reading, for anyone.

  2. Very talented illustrators. And obviously a very inspiring author! 🙂

    Can’t write much today. Too many chores, too much tired. (How do you like THAT sentence fragment??)

    1. You misspelled “Collidge.” 🙂 🙂 🙂
      And I’m about to shut down my computer and go take a nap. (Or should that be “gnap”?)

  3. Oh, Mr. Lee Duigon, I’m so glad you like our drawings. I forgot to ask you something. Did you like the letters and Christmas cards? Did your wife Patty also like the Christmas card we made for her?

    1. I don’t know of any… and I think it’d be a super innovation. I wonder if Chalcedon would give it a try… or would it cost too much? The books are already expensive enough, going by reader comments. Then again, a lot of people will pay $20 for a stupid movie they’ll only see once, but draw back in horror from any suggestion to buy a book.

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