Davos Doomster: ‘Stop Eating Meat’

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Couldn’t find quite the right picture of the crowd at Davos, but this is the next closest thing. With apologies to the baboons.

The Davos Doom-Fest continues. A few days ago the chairman of Siemens–I thought it was a furniture outlet in New York, but it’s actually one of those huge amorphous corporate blobs–said a billion people have to stop eating meat. “If a billion people stop eating meat…” it’ll all be hunky-dory (https://londondaily.com/siemens-ag-chairman-calls-on-one-billion-people-to-stop-eating-meat-to-combat-climate-change-at-klaus-schwab-s-world).

This doofus said he stopped eating meat when his 24-year-old daughter chided him for not doing enough to erase his Carbon Footprint. (I capitalize these things because liberals think they’re So Important.) So he stopped eating meat. Meanwhile, he has a private jet take him round the block for donuts.

Wise Globalists, he promised, will compensate you for the meat they took away: they’ll create artificial foods in the laboratory and it’ll be ever so much nicer than the real thing!

I’m still boggling over John Kerry’s description of himself and his ancient playmates as “a select group of human beings… talking about saving The Planet.” Whoever made that selection needs to go back to kindergarten. Kerry added, “It’s almost extraterrestrial.” Is there a psychiatrist in the house?

These are the idiots who want to rule over every aspect of our lives.

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  1. And if they only read and understood Psalm 2, it might give them pause- ya think? I doubt it, but it certainly should.

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