Pope Benedict’s Book Rips ‘Progressive’ Church Policies

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Pope Benedict XVI: “He being dead yet speaketh” (Hebrews 11:4)

Pope Benedict XVI, who died last month, left a book to be published after his death. It’s not a book that takes a rosy view of the state of the Church today (https://www.telegraph.co.uk/world-news/2023/01/23/gay-clubs-run-seminaries-says-pope-benedict-posthumous-attack/).

In What Christianity Is, the late Pope charges that “gay clubs” are allowed to operate in Catholic seminaries–some training for the priesthood, eh? “An American bishop,” says Benedict, allows his priesthood trainees to watch pornography.

Benedict retired as Pope in 2013.

Well, hell, we’re talking about a Church establishment that allowed an Amazonian idol to be set up in the Vatican, and doesn’t mind when self-proclaimed “Catholic” politicians champion anti-Catholic causes like abortion, transgender, and “gay” pseudomarriage. Benedict could probably have cranked out half a dozen volumes, had his health been up to it.

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  1. Benedict was no fool; he wanted to be out of reach when this book hit the press. I’m no expert on Catholicism, but my take on Benedict is that he was sincere and guided by a sense of devotion to God. There’s little question in my mind that such a man would be resisted by persons with corrupt intent.

    I will address one thing, regarding the sexual matters discussed. I believe that it is a fallacy that sewing one’s wild oats in youth will somehow get it out of a person’s system. What happens more often is that sexual indulgences can become deeply rooted habits, and even addictions.

    1. I wish I could ask my Aunt Betty about this! She was a teaching nun: I could have learned so much from her. Happily, we do have Catholic brothers and sisters here to help explain Church matters.

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