They’re A-OK with THIS Racism

Texas Horned Lizard (Phrynosoma cornutum)

A lizard is a lizard no matter who’s looking at it, black or white. And that goes for the rest of reality.

Didn’t we used to believe that it’s not who you are, but what you can do, that counts? Didn’t we separate from Europe because we didn’t want “who you are,” anymore, to be the trump card? We wanted “what have you earned” to be more important than any accident of birth.

Totally out of keeping with values that for centuries defined the New World, a taxpayer-funded theater in Ottawa (but of course), Canada, will feature a “Black Out Night” in which only persons who “identify as Black” (their capital B, not mine) will be allowed in to see the performance ( That’s the National Arts Center, by the way. When it’s not the National Blacks-Only Arts Center.

How is this okay?

Can I get in if I “identify as Black”?

Why would anybody want to see this claptrap in the first place?

Yeahbut, yeahbut! If there’s only Black POCs in the audience… oh, man, they can talk to each other! They can share their Black experience!

This caper has “White Liberal Idiot” written all over it. You know they’d never allow a whites-only night. Sheesh! Like you can’t talk with someone if their skin color’s not the same as yours?

If we don’t save our culture, the Wokies will destroy it.

5 comments on “They’re A-OK with THIS Racism

  1. Christians are to take every thought captive to Christ – it is called culture warfare and a spiritual battle against Satan. We need more Christian warriors like Lee Duigon

  2. The leftists say that only whites can be racist because, by definition, no member of an oppressed race or class can be racist. If you point out that by being granted special exemptions from blame, a race or class can’t, by definition, be called oppressed, they’ll call you a racist. Even if you’re black.

    Don’t expect logic from them. Logic, according to them, is patriarchal cisheteronormative phallologocentric white supremacism.

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