Drivel, Babble… and Forbes’ Folly

We really need a great deal more non-compliance!

Ach, I’m tired! Had to go on a cat-food safari, trying to find something Robbie will eat; and then whip up a Newswithviews column; and now… this.

Who knew Forbes magazine has gone off the Far Left deep end? A stodgy old business magazine like that. But now they’re woke, woke, woke.

Last week they posted on X (formerly Twitter) a load of drivel called “Ways to Decenter [??] Whiteness in Your Workplace.” Nope, no hate here! They’re worried about “the white gaze.” The what? And “acceptance of the dominant white culture as the norm.” When everybody knows that some totally different culture ought to be the norm! Maybe that of Amazon head-hunters. Or Mongolian shepherds. What the devil is “white culture,” anyway?

A quote from Senator J.D. Vance: “I’m just done with this shit.” Senator, you’ve got a lot of company!

On and on and on it goes, babble-babble-babble. If you think it’s fun to write about this stuff, think again. I feel like everywhere I turn, I’m being mooned. Surrounded by screeching idiots.

It’s never “hate” when they spew it. We’re supposed to sit and listen to it, tolerantly nodding our heads.

Anybody for a “We Will Not Comply” party?

They’re A-OK with THIS Racism

Texas Horned Lizard (Phrynosoma cornutum)

A lizard is a lizard no matter who’s looking at it, black or white. And that goes for the rest of reality.

Didn’t we used to believe that it’s not who you are, but what you can do, that counts? Didn’t we separate from Europe because we didn’t want “who you are,” anymore, to be the trump card? We wanted “what have you earned” to be more important than any accident of birth.

Totally out of keeping with values that for centuries defined the New World, a taxpayer-funded theater in Ottawa (but of course), Canada, will feature a “Black Out Night” in which only persons who “identify as Black” (their capital B, not mine) will be allowed in to see the performance ( That’s the National Arts Center, by the way. When it’s not the National Blacks-Only Arts Center.

How is this okay?

Can I get in if I “identify as Black”?

Why would anybody want to see this claptrap in the first place?

Yeahbut, yeahbut! If there’s only Black POCs in the audience… oh, man, they can talk to each other! They can share their Black experience!

This caper has “White Liberal Idiot” written all over it. You know they’d never allow a whites-only night. Sheesh! Like you can’t talk with someone if their skin color’s not the same as yours?

If we don’t save our culture, the Wokies will destroy it.

Honest, This Is Not a Satire

Page 2 | Great white shark Images | Free Vectors, Stock Photos & PSD

“Farewell and adieu to you fair Spanish ladies…”

How ridiculous can Far Left race-hustlers get?

The following is not a satire.

A number of, um, “scientists” have blasted the Discovery Channel’s annual “Shark Week” for [kazoo fanfare]–

–“It’s too white!” (Boo, hiss, where did all those white folks come from?)

–“There are too many guys named Mike in it.” (Go figure.)

–“It perpetuates negative stereotypes of sharks!”

And a new grievance group has been formed: “Minorities in Shark Studies.” ‘Cause I guess every ethnicity now will come to its own conclusions about reality. Every bunch of dindles gets its own science.

Do these people need to get out more? Are they watching too much TV? Do they have so little to worry about in life that they can take the time to indulge this?

Coca-Cola Tells Employees, ‘Be Less White’

Fake Spilled Bottle of Coke - Props America

I don’t know how I missed this story when it came out last year–although the Coca-Cola Co. broke all sorts of speed records, sweeping it under the rug. But for a little while there, the company was telling its white employees, “Be less white” (

What does that mean? Well, apparently there are all these Virtues that People Of Color (POCs) have and low-down white folks can only aspire to–

And it would demean me to write up any more of this garbage.

Yes, it was all part of Coca-Cola’s “diversity training” program. What’s that? “Diversity training” is forcing everyone to have exactly the same opinion. It would’ve gone on forever if a whistleblower hadn’t exposed it. They even had a sociologist! Although she says she had nothing to do with it. They had a “course” called “Confronting Racism” in which white employees had to face up to what rotten human beings they are, etc., etc.

Exposed to the light of day, Coca-Cola made it disappear.

How long do we have to put up with this ****? Uh, for as long as Democrats can steal elections?

‘How We Trash Our Country’ (2019)

5,498 Angry Teacher Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

There’s never been a presidency more harmful to our country than the one that we’re enduring now; but let us never, never, never forget that all the seed of it was planted from 2008 to 2016… by *Batteries Not Included.

And the worst thing he did was stir up racial animosity. On purpose. With results like this:

How We Trash Our Country

It all starts in the schools. The nooze media, Hollywood, and our fat-headed leaders play their parts, but the biggest wrecking ball is “public education.” And as you can see by the attached nooze story, some of the private schools are every bit as bad.

Don’t send your children back there in September.


‘Rutgers Prof: “White People Own Time”‘ (2019)

The Persistence of Memory - Wikipedia

Good Lord, I actually went to this so-called university! And worked jobs I hated, to pay for it. What was I thinking?

Rutgers, the state university of New Jersey–where young minds go to die… poisoned by stuff like this.

Rutgers Prof: ‘White People Own Time’

If anybody talked like this about “black” or “brown” people, he’d be buried in an avalanche of hurt. But the looniversities spew hatred of white people every day of the year, and all they get is more and more and more of our money. (The Rutgers football coach is the highest-paid public employee in New Jersey. Sweet!)

Pray and work, work and pray, for an end to all this wicked foolishness.