You Won’t Believe This

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At least it wasn’t held together with rubber bands and paper clips.

Not to pick on Britain; but when it comes to stupid stuff, they’re racing full-throttle for the bottom.

Inspectors recently found a “flaw” in one of the Royal Navy’s four nuclear submarines. Some bolts broke, heads snapped off, as a result of over-tightening ( The correct procedure, of course,would have been to replace the broken bolts.

Wrong! What somebody did was to glue the broken heads back on with super glue. They caught the error just before the sub’s nuclear reactor was fired up to full power for the first time. Coulda been a trifle messy, don’t you think?

Never before in human history has so much money and effort been spent on “education.”

And look what we’re getting for it.

6 comments on “You Won’t Believe This

  1. That is terrible. ANY critical fastener should be torqued to specification, and in a nuclear sub’, there are very few fasteners which are not critical.

    1. Ah, well, they caught it before the reactor blew up… There has to be a place for idiots, even aboard a nuclear submarine.

    2. Working on technical systems, such as this, should involve a sign off by the worker, and a sign off from an inspector. It should be possible, even easy, to find out when this happens. Where I’m concerned, gluing the heads on the bolts is intentional sabotage.

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