They Really Do Despise Us, Don’t They?

Canada's Freeland strays from G20 economic script to warn Russia on Ukraine  -sources | Reuters

“Has anybody seen my broomstick?”

America’s middle-class families are “too rich” and “need to take a pay cut,” according to Canada’s deputy prime minister (

Well, gee, lady–ain’t our SloJo Biden Democrat government doing everything it can think of  to wipe out our wealth? Aren’t they spending like burned-out drunks who won the Power Ball? Aren’t they clobbering us over the head with “transgender” every day? What more do you think they should be doing?

Oh, wait! Don’t tell me, I know–Raise our taxes! 

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, who scrapes by on a salary of $420,000 a year without having to produce or accomplish anything, first made these comments ten years ago. They have suddenly resurfaced and are getting lots more traction than they did the first time around. Maybe because she’s hanging out with that World Economic Forum crowd.

Learn it, everybody: we are governed by people who despise us. They hate our guts. Whatever makes us groan, makes them grin. They have evil intentions toward us and they mean to carry them out.

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  1. Whatever makes us groan, makes them grin – good one Lee. Christians in America have a hard time believing people can be this evil.

  2. $420, even CDN, is no paltry sum. Somehow, I don’t feel guilty about my income, in comparison to this.

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