‘”PROMISE Act” Shields Criminals’ (2018)

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“Democrats coddle criminals”–it used to be a cliche, but now the Party has made it a reality.

Here’s a little caper from the Obama presidency. Hey, how do you lower the crime rate? Simple! Just ignore the crimes. Pretend they never happened.

‘PROMISE Act’ Shields Criminals

Of course, that’s pretty small potatoes compared to the felony-storm unleashed by SloJo. You’ve got to be nuts to ride a big-city subway today. And open a business there? Don’t make me laugh!

Democrats: killing off America, one felony at a time.

6 comments on “‘”PROMISE Act” Shields Criminals’ (2018)

    1. I really loved the American Museum of Natural History, but it’s been turned into a PC parody of itself and is not worth seeing anymore.
      And we used to go to games at Yankee Stadium, but baseball has been turned into a PC parody of itself.

  1. Defund the police says it all. The criminals can’t help it because their mommas’ didn’t love them.

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