Disney’s Getting Clobbered

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The reckoning is coming, Mickey!

All is not well in the Magic Kingdom. After 50 years of more or less self-government, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has ended that. Layoffs loom, and Disney stock is down 44 percent (https://www.breitbart.com/entertainment/2023/02/08/report-disney-facing-bloodbath-as-thousands-layoffs-and-other-budget-cuts-loom/). Ouch!

Multitudes of people toldja, Disney, but you didn’t listen–Get woke, go broke. Your fascination with drag queens, sexual grooming of children, transgender mania, and culture rot has bounced up and bitten you where you sit.

The problem with Far Left Crazy is that they think the American people like them and agree with them–because you can always find a few addled and disordered parents who haul their toddlers off to drag shows. They finagle the figures, tell lies again and again until they’ve fooled themselves, and conjure up a vision of a new America based on all sorts of crazy schiff. They think they’re winning.

If they keep doing what they’re doing, Disney will go bankrupt. Other corporations that have embraced the woke delusion will surely follow. Will that finally convince them that they’re wrong?

I don’t think anything will do that.

Practice saying goodbye.

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  1. It’s weird, the Left is claiming victory in the culture war. Did anyone see my Governor Sarah’s rebuttal speech last night? It says it all about who is going to win!

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