‘Our New Toaster Oven’ (2018)


Don’t you just hate it when an appliance wears out and you have to replace it with something that’s several generations of technology removed from the old one, and “some assembly required”?

Our New Toaster Oven

Our toaster oven that was new and challenging in 2018 is not new anymore. But the toilet flapper I installed is still working!

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  1. I didn’t mind the old cell phones, which had a keypad…now they use a flat screen that you just touch the glass… bring back the flip phone, I don’t need nor want everything that is on today’s “smart” phones. Of course, my son said, “Dad, get out of the stone age.”

    I may be one of the few people that do not carry a cell phone. I don’t have one. I still have my wife’s, which is used to video call my children back in the US, and only leaves my desk to be put on the charger.

    I hate cell phones. I was going to call a friend, but my phone was dead. Not a peep nor sound came forth, the screen was black as deep space, and no life force was noticed. Threatening it did not provoke a response. Drop-kicking it down the hall did not help. Harsh language did nothing…my anger arose…as it flew as far as I could throw it, it hit the water and skipped about 200 times, then sunk below the waves … do you call that…burial at sea?

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