Our New Toaster Oven


If you’ve ever been on board a World War II-era submarine, you’ll have an idea of the size of our kitchen. Not exactly a place to dance the tango.

So when the UPS man came today with our new toaster oven in an enormous cardboard box, all I could say was, “Nom d’un nom!” A la Hercule Poirot. And Patty said, “We’ll have to move.”

But it turned out to be smaller than the box, and it just barely fits on our counter. The only thing missing was an engineer to put it all together. The plethora of knobs and dialed rather dazzled me. I think one of them is for time travel. Anyway, now we’re all set for chops and drumsticks. I hope. My wife is smart, she’ll figure it out.

P.S.–Yesterday we got our new toilet flapper, which I installed successfully… up to a point. But it does work better than the old one.

P.P.S.–Someone’s in the kitchen talking to herself. I’d better go see what’s up.

12 comments on “Our New Toaster Oven

  1. Best wishes on your new toaster oven…might you post a review? I use mine all the time but have one eye open for better one. Found out what a ‘toilet flapper’ is….best wishes with that too! 🙂

  2. I know my wife needs help with a project when I hear her proclaim profanities. We gave up on toaster ovens when our last one gave up the ghost – they take up too much room on the kitchen counter.

  3. Now that you’ve got a new toaster puzzle for your galley, maybe you should save the parts from the broken one. And I must say, i’ve never heard of an unassembled toaster. Are you sure – LOL!!

    1. When I get an appliance in parts with “options” there’s only one option – call for help. I admire your ingenuity, or whatever superpowers you have that enable you to solve your “options.”

  4. When you said “flapper” I thought you meant a 1920’s dancer. But I doubt that’s what you got through the mail…??

  5. Both of these items mentioned have given me trouble from time to time,
    but thank goodness, there is usually someone more gifted around for me to call on.

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