Your Favorite ‘Bell Mountain’ Character

Bell Mountain (Bell Mountain, 1)

It’s time to check on my books’ impact on their readers. I could wind up, here, with a lot of egg on my face if hardly anybody responds to this question:

Who is your favorite Bell Mountain character?

I remember, when I was writing The Temple, how upset my wife and my editor were when they thought I’d killed off Chief Uduqu. I had no idea how much they liked him. I thought of Sir Walter Scott, whose printer rebelled when Scott (in Ivanhoe) killed off Athelstane. He had to write a new scene bringing the old duffer back to life. Happily, Uduqu wasn’t dead: he’d just fallen asleep on the battlefield after tremendous exertions.

Anyway, so who’s your favorite character in these books? There are a couple hundred to choose from!

I can’t guess who will get the most votes… although I do have one pretty strong suspicion.

10 comments on “Your Favorite ‘Bell Mountain’ Character

  1. Helki the Rod for the win! A master of nature and a formidable combatant for what is right, good, and honorable. A great role model for boys and girls alike.

    1. It’s gotta Martis for me, I liked his character as soon as I started reading the books!

    1. Sorry for being absent, Mr. Lee Duigon. I’m really happy to talk to you again. Kerolyn and my parents give their best to you, too.

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