‘This Time Trump Is Cooked, For Sure’ (2020)

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This is the whistleblower we’ve been waiting for!

They’ve been going after Donald Trump every day and every night since 2016, trying to pin something on him. Who can survive this level of investigation? Apparently President Trump can. Forget the White House: he ought to be running for sainthood.

But all it takes is just one more whistleblower!

This Time Trump Is Cooked, for Sure

Now the charges can be made public! We’ve got you, Donny-boy! Don’t even try to deny these charges.

*You betrayed Troy to the Greeks.

*You engineered the Lindbergh baby kidnapping.

*You rooked Hillary Clinton out of HER TURN to be president!

Let’s see you beat this rap, dude!

7 comments on “‘This Time Trump Is Cooked, For Sure’ (2020)

  1. Interestingly, the same thing keeps on happening with Benjamin Netanyahu. Scandal after scandal, all of which evaporate under the light of investigation.

    1. I’ve noted the parallels between Netanyahu and Trump. It’s like what happens to one happens to the other. They both were accused of doing things they didn’t. They both were pushed out of office at the same time. Now that Netanyahu has made a surprise comback, I’m expecting the same thing to happen with Trump.

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