Public Outrage Saved These Books

Publisher rolls back proposed changes to Roald Dahl books after backlash -  ABC News

They haven’t killed him, after all–at least, not yet.

The publisher of Roald Dahl’s classic children’s books has abandoned a plan to replace them with tarted-up brainless PC rewrites–because a week of loud public outrage has convinced them retreat was the better part of valor (

Puffin Books had Dahl’s books rewritten top to bottom in an “inclusive rewrite” (quick, the barf bag!). When regular people found out, and loudly complained, Puffin backed off.

So now they’re gonna keep the originals in print, while at the same time publishing the new stupid gutless fat-head edition. Sort of like riding two bicycles at the same time.

There are lessons to be learned from this.

*Businesses will not knowingly sacrifice themselves to Woke. Not if it means going under.

*No artist’s work is safe from Far Left Crazy.

*There is no limit to what they’ll do if they think they can get away with it.

*Their most passionate desire is to control other people. They don’t want you reading things they think you shouldn’t be allowed to read.

Note: All of this comes crashing down if public education goes bankrupt. And we the people can make that happen by pulling our kids out of the public schools.

9 comments on “Public Outrage Saved These Books

  1. All the people who took issue with changing these books, I am sure are not Christians. Nevertheless, a good thing has taken place. Just imagine what would happen if every Christian stepped up to the plate, and challenged at least a few of the insane things happening all around them.

    1. Y’know what I’d like to see, like, tonight? Or tomorrow. A total complete utter rejection of saying “they” for “he” or “she.” That would be a sign, wouldn’t it? If that whole damned stupid thing just stopped.

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