‘When Is “Royal” Not Royal?’ (2020)

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If Harry and Meghan (TM) knew their Shakespeare better, they might be a lot more careful. Remember George, Duke of Clarence: he had a pretty good claim to the throne, but he would keep shooting off his mouth: they wound up drowning him in a barrel of wine.

When Is ‘Royal’ Not Royal?

This pair of (ahem!) royal jidrools has had three more years in which to convince the British public that they absolutely positively do not need a royal family anymore. If Harry and Meghan (TM) can put you off royalty, no one can.

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  1. This pair have turned themselves into a laughing stock. South Park did an episode about them which has been featured in innumerable YouTube videos. I haven’t seen the episode, but from what I understand, the upshot is that the “Prince and Princess of Canada”, who bear a striking resemblance to Harry and Meagan, are undertaking a World Privacy Tour, where they visit various places, demanding that their privacy be respected, while attracting incredible amounts of attention to themselves.

    My prediction is that this marriage will end, at some point, and Harry will crawl back to the Royal Family. His father, the new King of England, will welcome him back, and Meagan will write a tell-all book, painting herself as a victim. When that book quits selling, she’ll write another book, about how unfairly she was treated after she wrote the first book.

    If people would ignore them, or more precisely ignore the media storm surrounding them, their power would be reduced to nothing.

    1. If you Google it, you can find some news coverage of it, including clips for the show. It’s hilarious.

    2. For what it’s worth, they’ve made some real strides in general anesthesia, so it’s not nearly as bad as it used to be.

    3. Funny–the freakin’ hernia tried to hide from the doctor, he had a hard time finding it. But that’s always what happens, even with animals. “See! I’m not coughin’ anymore, am I? We can go home now!” Cats are better at this than people are.

  2. Lee, Patty will be OK. Tell her I have had two recent surgeries without general anesthesia. Just a block/freezing of the lower extremities. I could still move my head and arms, but little else, and felt no pain (even when they injected the needle for the anesthesia, just a bit of discomfort). I was awake for both surgeries. After the surgery, it took about 8 hours for the effects of the anesthesia to leave completely.

    Since I was awake for the surgery, and like to be in charge of what happens in my life, I stifled the urge to make the suggestions I found on YouTube, to the doctors and nurses, on how to proceed with the operation. They did OK without my help.

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