‘American Whiners Censor Australian TV Commercial’ (2015)

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“Oh, noooooo! Not fried chicken!”

No place on the planet is save from the ravages of whiny liberals. In 2015, American liberals horned in on Australian TV’s cricket broadcasts.

American Whiners Censor Australian TV Commercial

Yes, white liberals decided that black people ought not to like fried chicken. In fact, virtually everybody loves fried chicken! And virtually all normal persons don’t like liberals. I mean, which would you rather do without?

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  1. That is absolutely ridiculous. Most people are just going through their lives, and doing what they do. I choose foods based on all sorts of factors, and ethnic origin is pretty much never a consideration. I love Italian food and Mexican food, and I’m not a part of either of those ethnicities. I love fried chicken, and I don’t associate fried chicken with any particular ethnic group. A lot of what is marketed as Chinese food includes fried chicken.

    Foods become associated with various ethnicities, in many cases, comes down to circumstance. People who live in coastal regions tend to eat more seafood, because that is what is available. In fact, before the advent of rapid transportation, it was all but impossible to obtain good seafood unless you lived near the coast.

    A friend, who was born in Italy, once explained to me that some Italian dishes were from northern Italy, and some from southern Italy, and these were based upon the local availability of ingredients.

    People eat the foods they grew up with, they eat the foods that are available and they eat the foods they LIKE. The last point is absolutely key. I’m mostly Scandinavian, and I love Italian and Mexican dishes, I hate fish and I’m not particularly fond of most Scandinavian dishes, which I consider bland. But honestly, I don’t care, because I eat things that are available to me and which appeal to me.

    Chicken has been a staple for a lot of people, because chickens are easy to raise, and make for a good source of meat. Because chickens are small, there’s no need to worry about preparing and storing large quantities of meat, so this was a common food for many people with small farms, or maybe just people that kept a few chickens in their yard. I don’t think that there was a particular ethnic aspect to this. I knew people on Long Island that kept chickens.

    Not everything is ethnically or racially motivated.

  2. I had to watch that TV commercial two times before I caught “what in the world” are they talking about. Besides, why would it be evil to associate eating fried chicken with black people? Most black people enjoy fried chicken, but so does almost everyone else!

    You will not find rice on McDonald’s menu in the USA or some other places. However, here in the Philippines. Rice is eaten at every meal. Thus, all fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s, serves rice (even with its “Happy Meals). Rice and Filipinos go together. My wife was Filipino. When we lived in the USA, she would still eat rice at almost every meal. And when the rest of the family ate mashed potatoes, rice was her first choice. So, why would that be evil to associate eating rice with Filipinos? By the way, I also eat rice during most of my meals, now that I live where that practice is common.

    A side note, a lot of Filipinos will eat their rice with their fingers. And instead of a fork being the main utensil used to eat their food, spoons are the first choice.

  3. My brother wouldn’t like it here, he doesn’t like rice. Something else, Filipinos never put any kind of seasonings, like salt or spices in their rice when they cook it. And white rice is the order of the day, and most have never eaten brown or any other kind.

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