American Whiners Censor Australian TV Commercial

So there was Australia, minding its own business, enjoying a cricket match featuring some of the top teams from the West Indies. Cricket is the sport that unites the assorted nations of the British Commonwealth. Don’t ask me how it’s played, but Australians and Jamaicans and Indians and Englishmen all seem to love it.

The cricket’s on TV, and TV means sponsors, and so Kentucky Fried Chicken made an ad showing people at a cricket match, mostly West Indians, happily enjoying fried chicken.

And then came the protests, all the way across the widest ocean in the world: American liberals didn’t like the ad on Australian TV. Oh, what racism! What racial insensitivity! What callous cruelty to African-Americans, even to suggest that they might enjoy fried chicken!

Except that West Indians are not African-Americans, and everybody likes fried chicken except liberal morons who are also vegetarians.

Literally, there is no place on earth safe from the American racial grievance industry. On the opposite side of the world, they whined and belly-ached and applied pressure until the KFC ad was dropped from Australian TV.

Normal human beings of the world, unite! Destroy American liberalism, so we can eat our fried chicken in peace.


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  1. Yea and forsooth, and all that. How childish of these people. Gives the tag “ugly American” whole new meaning. Foot stomping, throwing themselves on the ground, along with the whining. I shake my head.

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