‘Let’s Nag Each Other About Racism’ (2015)

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Some of them deserve it

The kid who read the riot act to the dizzy white liberals on the school board got it right: libs teach children (and even adults) to obsess over race. Like he said, they turn it into the first damned thing you notice about anybody.

Here was an effort to do this to adults a few years ago. We’re so glad it failed.

Let’s Nag Each Other About Racism

All right, I’ve never been inside a Starbuck’s. Stupid Spending is not my–I was going to say “cup of tea.” WTH, I’ll say it anyway.

Only a world war can do the human race more damage than self-aggrandizing liberalism.

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  1. If I was in a place of business and the person behind the counter decided to lecture me about racism, that would be the end of the transaction. As regards Starbucks, let’s just say that there are plenty of alternatives out there. I was recently given a Starbucks gift card, and didn’t bother redeeming it.

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