Denver Pol Pushes Special Tax on White-Owned Businesses

Candi CdeBaca — LPAC

Grinning as she contemplates another racial penalty

How the dickens is this still America, if you can be compelled to pay higher taxes because your skin is the wrong color?

It’s white liberals’ America. Well, white-ish. Or should we say “brownish”? But then we’re not libs so we don’t obsess over skin pigmentation.

Whatever she is, Candi CdeBaca [sorry about the name, I know it looks like gibberish], a member of the Denver City Council, is pushing for higher taxes on white business owners as “a form of reparations” which she and her playmates can “redistribute” to Persons Of Color and their businesses ( Rob the one to give to the other.

Did “equal protection of the law” fall off the top of the bus on our way to Denver? How is this anything but a penalty levied for no other reason but that of race? “We don’t need no stinkin’ Constitution.”

Apparently Ms. Gibberish is in trouble with black voters as she pursues her re-election to the council. Actually, I don’t care why they’re mad at her: one pandering hypocrite goes, two take her place. Looks like she’s doubled down on pandering. Buying votes, as it were.

People like this really do give representative government a bad name.

‘Let’s Nag Each Other About Racism’ (2015)

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Some of them deserve it

The kid who read the riot act to the dizzy white liberals on the school board got it right: libs teach children (and even adults) to obsess over race. Like he said, they turn it into the first damned thing you notice about anybody.

Here was an effort to do this to adults a few years ago. We’re so glad it failed.

Let’s Nag Each Other About Racism

All right, I’ve never been inside a Starbuck’s. Stupid Spending is not my–I was going to say “cup of tea.” WTH, I’ll say it anyway.

Only a world war can do the human race more damage than self-aggrandizing liberalism.

‘Another Abomination, from Another Liberal’ (2018)

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Libs can’t stop race-hustling even in the midst of tragedy. For them, there is no occasion that doesn’t require a cry of “Racism!”

Another Abomination, from Another Liberal

How many undocumented Guatemalan “asylum seekers” did she expect to find on a western Canadian junior hockey team bus? Has “race” eaten up their minds? And what on earth would they ever do with themselves if they didn’t have “racism” to obsess over?

And now they own our government. Doesn’t matter that they stole it. Now they own it.