New York Loses Suit: ‘Quarantine Camps’ Must Go

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While we were all watching the drama in the Ukraine, another kind of drama was being played out in the New York courts.

A state Supreme Court judge has recently ruled that New York’s “quarantine camps” policy was blatantly unconstitutional and is now null and void… so of course they’ll appeal ( The state claimed the authority to confine “for an indefinite time” without review persons infected with COVID-19 or any other highly contagious disease. Just stay put until the governor decides you can go out the door.

A state senator has called the appeal “an attempt to defend the indefensible.”

Curses! Foiled again! New York’s Democrat governor really liked that “Isolation and Quarantine Procedure.” Have people locked up without a trial–how great is that?

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  1. Well, that’s pretty much what they did to most of the country during the covid hysteria of 2020-21, isn’t it? — i.e., put everyone under indefinite house arrest without trial or review?

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