Communist China Pushes for ‘Global Governance’

Xi Jinping, China's new revolutionary hero | Financial Times

Would you buy a used planet from this man?

Having just been unanimously re-elected president of China–guess what would’ve happened to any “deputy” who didn’t vote for him–Xi Jin Ping has pledged himself to “pursuing reform and construction of the global governance system” (

Utopia is just around the corner! Really–you’d love living under a global government designed by Red China, wouldn’t you? Just think of it as one big college campus… where they kill you if you say the wrong thing.

I hear they’ve already bought a president or two. And over at the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab thinks the Chicoms are the bees’ knees. So you might say Comrade Xi is off to a good start.

6 comments on “Communist China Pushes for ‘Global Governance’

  1. Hard to say whether it would be worse to be ruled by Xi Jinping or George Soros. Soros is about a thousand years old, so he might not last as long (unless his pact with the devil included a 200-year life), but who knows whom he has on deck after he goes?

  2. Geo Soros’ son is actively preparing to continue his father’s legacy – evil begetting evil.

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