Hit Single: ‘Trump Won’

Well, here goes! If you don’t hear from me tomorrow, I’ll be locked up in the gulag.

This, by Natasha Owens, is a hit single, with already about a million views on social media–Trump Won (and You Know It). The artist is a Christian music star.

Gateway Pundit wonders “how the FBI will retaliate.” Retaliate? Hello, did we wake up in North Korea?

Grin and bear it, commies!

4 comments on “Hit Single: ‘Trump Won’

  1. There is overwhelming proof of vote fraud, and yet, that evil deranged man is still sitting in the White House. And if he would run again, and win, since nothing has been fixed, and almost no one has been punished for stealing the election, it would not make any difference.

    By the way, I like the song.

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