I Am Drained

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I wish I could do this. Probably a great way to vent.

We have to take Patty to the surgeon this afternoon for a pre-op exam, she wanted to take a shower first but the shower wouldn’t work… and meanwhile this computer went belly-up this morning and just plain drove me crazy.

So I went to the other computer and scanned some nooze, which did nothing for my morale. The only story I remember was our “Second Gentlemen” [barf], Mr. Kamala, whatever his name is, babbling that citizens objecting to their school boards’ insane child-grooming policies are a bunch of Nazis and this, y’know, is exactly how Nazi Germany got started… I didn’t have the heart to write that up. SloJo says it’s “sinful” not to let the kiddies have their “gender reassigned”… sheesh.

We have reached a point at which mere idiots get into public office and run our country into the ground.  Sane and decent people need not apply.

I can’t believe how tired I am already. Guess I’m still feeling that hour we’ve lost to Daylight Savings.

The computer’s working now. I don’t know why it stopped. I don’t know why it has come back to work. All I can say is “Thank you, Lord.”

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  1. Poor Lee. Poor Patty. Nice lizard, though.
    Prayers for you today, as always. I’m exhausted, too.

    1. I remember an old Twilight Zone story, “A Thing About Machines,” in which some poor sod’s machines gang up on him and kill him.

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