They Call It Puppy Love

Here’s a cat who really loves her… puppies? How did she get puppies?

We love our domesticated animals. They do so many things that wild animals would never do. (Like, do lions or bears ever do zoomies? That’d be something to see…)

4 comments on “They Call It Puppy Love

    1. It has been suggested that somebody posed that cat and puppies. I can’t imagine successfully posing any cat I’ve ever had. It’s not even all that easy to pose a lizard.

  1. When I was a lot younger, we had a small dog and a cat that both had litters (six of each!) within two weeks of each other (we’d been on vacation and the person who was house- and pet-sitting left a window open and they both got out. Anyway…). Our dog was always a mommy to any other animal, so she allowed the kittens to nurse from her, but it really shocked us that the cat would be tolerant of the puppies and allowed them to nurse from her as well. Very surreal but both good, loving pets. I still miss them all.

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