‘Translation: “We Wanna Get High”‘ (2019)

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I didn’t know this until I wrote this piece: they’ve tinkered with marijuana and made it ten times stronger than it was in the 1970s. And of course Democrats have fallen in love with it.

Translation: ‘We Wanna Get High’

A lot of my friends were potheads, back when. It made them dull and tedious. I can hardly imagine what potheads are like now, with the drug so much stronger than it was. The 1975 pothead was a dolt. Gov. Murphy’s potheads–well, I don’t know any of them and I’d like to keep it that way.

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  1. There were pot smokers all over the place, back in the ‘70s. Some of my coworkers used pot, and it was fairly obvious; in many cases because the person was dull and disinterested in anything productive. I ran into one of these characters, over 30 years later, and he had essentially thrown his life away.

    That was the pot of the ‘70s. I imagine that it’s infinitely worse, now.

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