Rated PG for… ‘Historical Smoking’

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What with movies wallowing in every sexual perversion known to a fallen world, in violence, crime, atheism, cynicism, and New Age twaddle, what do you have to show to get a PG rating?


Fap! Why, that Sherlock Holmes is no better than the criminals he catches! He smokes a pipe!

And this from the “Legalize Recreational Marijuana” crowd.

If smoking had been the worst thing the Kennedys ever did, they’d’ve been saints instead of politicians.


How to Write My Column?

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I lost the whole morning to the eye doctor today, but I’ve still got to come up with a Newswithviews column for this week. Think, think, think!

I’d rather not write about the politics that everybody else is writing about: who needs me for that? So I go back over my blog posts for the past week or so, looking for a topic–usually looking for two or three topics that I can tie together.

It’s not as easy as it sounds.

How about… how about… a nationwide epidemic of boredom? I ran a post on that last week. And from there I can segue into the ongoing efforts by people who should know better to get the whole country stoned on marijuana. It seems a natural tie-in.

And now it’s quarter to two, and I’d better get busy.

NJ Nixes Marijuana Bill

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Not so fast there, sunshine…

A bill to legalize “recreational use” of marijuana was rejected yesterday in the New Jersey legislature, after supporters staged a full-court press for it all weekend (https://www.nytimes.com/2019/03/25/nyregion/new-jersey-marijuana.html).

The New York Times article is somewhat murkily written, so I guess they didn’t take a vote: having  canvassed the State Senate and found not enough votes to pass the bill, they decided not to vote at all. That’s what I guess The Times means by “scuttle the vote.”

We were treated to an “abrupt unraveling of the campaign,” whatever that means. It seems some black legislators defected at the last minute–daunted, it seems, by what has happened in other states where pot has been legalized. They expressed concern for how to keep marijuana products out of the hands of children (it can’t be done, once you’ve legalized it) and how to keep people from driving while under the influence of marijuana (another thing that can’t be done).

Our idiotic self-styled “progressive” of a governor swears he’ll be back to try again–something about a chicken in every pot–or was it pot in every chicken? Anyway, he says it’s a matter of “justice.” When leftids speak, “justice” means whatever they do or want to do. It certainly doesn’t mean what normal people think it means.

A loon from the ACLU called the legalization of “recreational” marijuana “an urgent civil rights issue of our era.” That can only mean we’ve run out of real civil rights issues and twaddle like this is all that’s left.

Anyway, at least for the time being, my home state has avoided shaming itself with this mischievous legislation. Next on the docket for the Far Left in Trenton is an assisted suicide bill–another consistent feature of the death cult now known as the Democrat Party.

It would be lovely if we could stop that one, too.

Translation: ‘We Wanna Get High’

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My home state of New Jersey–you know: that state that everybody makes jokes about, and rude noises–is scurrying around, trying to get pot legalized in a vote this coming Monday in the legislature. Because–wait for it–legalizing marijuana is “a civil rights imperative” (https://www.nj.com/politics/2019/03/legalizing-weed-will-put-nj-on-the-right-side-of-civil-rights-history-murphy-says.html)

See, not legalizing marijuana–why, that’s just like slavery! And legalizing it, sez our governor, will get “all the bad guys” out of the pot business. And net the state scads and scads of revenue so they can pay those teacher union pensions.

(Why is smoking pot good, but smoking tobacco bad? The same leftids who dump all over you for smoking tobacco want to canonize you for smoking pot.)

Believe it or not, this is actually a worse idea than it was 50 years ago. According to Alex Berenson, in a recent speech at Hillsdale College reported in “Imprimis,” Hillsdale’s newsletter (Jan. 2019, Vol. 48, No. 1), the chemical in pot that gets you high is ten times stronger, or even more, than it was in the 1970s–better living through chemistry.

Just what our country needs. More drugs. Stronger drugs.

Liberals have reached a point in their development where they actively seek out and strive for whatever is evil, foolish, wasteful, wrong, stupid, or contemptible. That makes it easy for the rest of us: whatever a Democrat is for, oppose it, because you know it’s bad.

My pot-head friends in the 1970s were boring and silly. Now, with the drug ten times stronger, users are leaving boring and silly behind and venturing into paranoia, violence, and depression.

Civil rights imperative. Hot dog.

That Bad Companion You Were Warned About

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Surely, when you were in your early teens, there was at least one other kid in town whom your mother, in no uncertain terms, warned you to steer clear of. “He’s no good, he’s headed for either reform school or prison, and don’t you are go around with him! Or he’ll get you into the same kind of trouble he’s in.” You’ve got to have heard that, somewhere along the way.

Listening to the news yesterday, I heard how New York and New Jersey and quite a few other states are racing to see which can be the next state to legalize marijuana. They all mean to do it as soon as they can. Why? Because the sale of pot will supposedly create a “revenue stream” for the state–just like it does for the pushers.

Also on the table is legalization of sports betting, so that the state will profit from people ruining themselves–but hey, we’ve already got a whole bunch of lotteries, and casinos, and–you guessed it–those are a “revenue stream”!

A few commentators are also talking about legalizing prostitution.

And suddenly it came to me. “The no-good delinquent my mother told me to keep away from, because you don’t need a bad companion–why, that bad companion is the freakin’ government! It’s the government wanting to lead people into drugs, gambling, and fornication.”

And man, they’re kidding themselves about those revenue streams. Wealth is created, in any economy, by alert, motivated people in the context of a strong and stable family, in a sane and orderly community. Wealth is not created by stoners who’ve pissed away their paychecks betting on stupid sports–and who have no families, only fleeting sexual connections and probably an STD or two. Wealth is used up by these losers.

So here’s the government volunteering to lead untold hosts of suckers into vice, all for the sake of a revenue stream that’s only going to be used up taking care of these failures when they crash and burn, or as they shamble pointlessly through life.

I am sure that, at least once upon a time, American governments wanted citizens who were sane, decent, and productive.

And now, it seems, they don’t.