Massachusetts Bill Would Promote Islam

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“Don’t ask me! I don’t know, either.”

They killed 3,000 of us on our own soil on Sept. 11, 2001–and ever since then, American leftids have been in love with Islam.

So much so, that Democrats in the Massachusetts legislature have introduced a bill “promoting the participation of Muslims in the governance of the state” ( That is, seek and find Muslims who can be given positions in the government.

No other religion in Massachusetts enjoys such a privileged status. Just imagine if someone proposed doing that with, say, Protestant Christians. You’d hear the Dems screaming bloody murder.

Uh, why would we want to promote the participation of Muslims in the governance of the state?

I’m askin’ the question, so let’s hear the answers. Come on, there must be some reason for it! Let’s hear what it is.

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