‘Gay Superhero’ Movie Bombs

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What do we have to do to make it stop?

Words can hardly express how sick I am of movies inspired by freaking comic books. Not that I watch them. Just reading about them is bad enough. What do you say of a population that never outgrows comic books?

DC Comics, with behind-the-scenes backing by Warner Bros., has come out with a “Shazam 2” sequel featuring a “gay superhero” named Pedro (https://www.westernjournal.com/dcs-gay-superhero-film-bombs-box-office-hollywood-running-excuses/). His Hispanic name indicates he’s a twofer.

The movie boasts “an incredible representation of ethnicity across the boards,” babbles the star.

Question! How do we know Pedro is “gay”? Does he announce it repeatedly? Does he wear a feather boa? Do we see him romancing another guy? Like, how many ways can they find to make this disgusting?

And I’m sure that incredible representation of ethnicity will just pack ’em in. You’re gonna need a bigger theater, boss.

Oops! What’s this? “Shazam 2” is a box office bomb? Holy moly, who would’ve thought it?

It’s good news that this monstrosity flopped; but bad news that it was made at all.

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  1. They don’t seem to care whether their movies succeed or fail at the box office. Perversion is a religion for them.

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