More Pig Zoomies

Sometimes you’ve got to make your own fun. Animals know this: it’s why they invented zoomies.

This piglet has a black belt in zoomies. If he’s still into it as a 500-lb. hog, he’s going to need a bigger playground.

3 comments on “More Pig Zoomies

  1. What I see is an animal having fun. Fun; our Creator invented that, any many animals, wild and domestic, have the capacity for fun. It’s a wonderful gift.

  2. A happy piggy
    They should be friends, not food. My only meat weakness, and I’ve had chicken, amazing burgers, sausage and gravy (yum), beef wellington, and more… is crispy bacon. I am nearly entirely vegetarian, and when I see living, beautiful pigs, I never want to eat bacon again. I want to kiss their cute little snouts (after a washing, of course).

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