Chameleons Clean House

Oh, I don’t know what else to write today! It’s raining, the wind wrecked our nice new umbrella, I think we need a movie here…

I do love chameleons, though. I had a couple, once. You should’ve seen them go to town on crickets.

I have this fantasy of giant chameleons descending on Washington, D.C., or better yet, Davos, and snapping up a whole multitude of globalists and Far Left crazies–and no escape is possible. Zap! Crunch! And another bad guy disappears into a chameleon’s hungry mouth. I know it’s not the most charitable thing I could imagine; but it is quite satisfying.

3 comments on “Chameleons Clean House

  1. A lot of bugs were attracted to our place by the lights last night. So, we had live entertainment. But no fancy tongue moves from our trained army of small lizards, just short quick runs at the bug, open mouth, and snap up a small pest. Running along the walls and catching bugs without falling off is one thing, but when they run across the ceiling without falling off, that is impressive.

    Of course, sometimes their rump along the ceiling goes wrong, and more than once, I had a lizard fall on me, but only for a short visit.

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