Killer-Diller Kittens!

Holy moly! This is not a nursery–this is a gladiator school! See the kittens practicing their lethal moves. There’s a victim in there somewhere, but we only see his or her leg. “Where’s the rest of me?” Dude, you’re in there with all those kittens and you have to ask that?

4 comments on “Killer-Diller Kittens!

  1. Those kittens were really cute.

    The trouble with a kitten,
    is that,
    it grows into a cat.

    I don’t know, is that a poem I just made up, or is it from a poem I read somewhere???

  2. I just answered my own question. I have a book, “Favorite Poems Old and New” with over seven hundred poems and stories. I liked reading these to my children. One of my favorites is “The Spider and The Fly” by Mary Howitt.

    I found the poem. It’s by Ogden Nash.

    The trouble with a kitten is
    Eventually it becomes a

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