A Cat’s Super-Hearing

Sure is funny the way cats whom you’re sure are stone-deaf when you talk to them, suddenly can hear a can of food being opened all the way downstairs. “She can’t hear me!” How many times has your cat provoked that exclamation?

5 comments on “A Cat’s Super-Hearing

  1. When I dry my dinner dishes before going to bed, Iggy can be fast asleep in another room, but as soon as I put the silverware away (last item to be dried) and shut the drawer, there he is, coming around the corner into the kitchen for his bedtime snack.

  2. I buy some little snack packs with slices of sausage and cheese. They come in a plastic tray with a top that peels off. Now, if I call my cat, and she doesn’t feel like coming, she’ll stare at me as if she has no idea what I want. (She knows, she just doesn’t feel like it.) However, if I peel the top off of one of those snack packs, which is almost silent, she’ll be there in an instant.

    1. I’ll answer as soon as my cat gives her editorial approval. 🙂

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