How Crazy Is This? (You Won’t Believe It)

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He doesn’t even have to promise to be good.

While they try to figure out how to come up with the $800 billion they want to pay out in “reparations” to people who never were slaves (or anything else deserving of payments by total strangers), the Lost Angeles [I let the typo stand] County Board of Supervisors is toying with the idea of “depopulating” the prison system… by letting everybody out and not putting anybody in (

The motion was made by two Far Left wackos on the board, who said there were too many people in jail and it’s a “humanitarian crisis,” blah-blah. They also want to require zero bail posted for most crimes, including violent crimes. The whole business has been called “a sweeping plan” that comes with “a monumental risk.”

Ya don’t say? But these people are crazy.

Police chiefs and district attorneys have denounced the plan. It’d make their jobs easier, though. Why bother to arrest someone who’ll be back on the street in 45 minutes? And who will NOT be prosecuted?

I wonder how much longer Los Angeles will last.

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  1. The last time I was in LA was 3 1/2 years ago, and LA was a hellhole then. I’m sure it’s only gotten worse, since.

  2. Just think of all the money LA can save by having no prisons or jails, no personnel to pay, and the same with doing away with the police. It could be every person for himself, a truly wild, wild west.

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