Now It’s the Audobon Society That’s Racist

John James Audubon | Career Timeline | American Masters | PBS

John James Audobon–Enemy Of The People!

Everything is racist! Everything! Just ask any liberal jidrool.

Now it’s the Audobon Society. Gotta change the name because John James Audobon, who died in 1850, was a 19th century white man who didn’t have a 21st century Far Left Stupid ideology. So a bunch of ginks out in Michigan want to change the name of the Audobon Society and make like no such person as Audobon ever existed (

God help us! We used to make fun of the Soviets for always changing their history. Because history that’s monkeyed with all the time isn’t history it all, and we wind up knowing nothing but whatever the government thinks we should be allowed to know on any given day.

It’s a bird-watchers’ organization. It’s a conservation group. And now they want to be “more inclusive” by excluding everyone and everything that happened in the past. Sort of a self-imposed amnesia.

The vast bulk of this garbage is unloaded on us by white liberals who think doing it makes them better persons. Hint: It doesn’t. It just makes you tiresome. Insufferable.

Not even the Audobon Society is safe from them.

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  1. Karl Marx’s op-eds appeared regularly in the New York Tribune before the Civil War. Communists have been trying to take over America ever since, and now they have temporarily succeeded with Biden continuing what Obama started, the transformation of America. It all makes since when you understand how communism works – its Satan’s best political plan yet.

    1. I didn’t know that. I’d track some down and read them, only you really don’t need to expend that kind of effort to encounter more Marxism than you’d ever need to hear. Any Democrat can provide it.

  2. Does inclusive mean including everyone?
    ‘Inclusive’ means “including everything” or “open to everyone; not limited to certain people” An all-inclusive resort/cruise is a resort/cruise that includes everything–the cost covers your room, meals, drinks, etc.

    When “liberal’s” and woketards talk about being more inclusive, they really mean the opposite.

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