‘Poll: 1 in 4 Would Date a Robot’ (2016)

Would YOU date a robot? One in four claim they would | Daily Mail Online

There are any number of naughty jokes that spring to mind, upon viewing that headline. What it boils down to is a lot of idiots who say they’d like “a relationship” (oh, mercy! please tell me this is just a dream!) with a robot… as long as it was a good-looking robot.

Poll: 1 in 4 Would Date a Robot

“Well, yeah, I’d love to have a relationship with a blender, as long as it was really good-looking blender…” Or toaster-oven, water cooler, or floor lamp. Take your pick.

Humanists won’t be happy till they erase the human race.

4 comments on “‘Poll: 1 in 4 Would Date a Robot’ (2016)

  1. I’ve been dancing with my vacuum cleaner this morning. Does that count as a relationship? We’ve been together for almost seven years, and we waltz around the house every Saturday morning. 😄😄😄

    Seriously, though, I do think modern youth has a very unhealthy relationship with its electronic devices already.

    1. It’s only A Relationship if you’re honest and open with each other. As Shakespeare once said, “And sometimes when we touch, the honesty’s too much…” (That was Shakespeare, wasn’t it?)

    1. We watched some pushback from Germaine Greer and Camille Paglia. For the most part, our Free & Independent Democrat Media suppresses women’s objections to the Transgender craze. (I use the word “craze” in its clinical sense. It’s effing nuts.)

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