Memory Lane Game: Some Harmless Fun (With Peter Gunn)

In light of the supremely good news of Christ’s Resurrection, I deem it nugatory* to discuss any fallen-world nooze today. Instead, a bit of harmless fun.

I enjoy remembering (or trying to remember!) the theme music for TV shows that were popular when I was a boy… live coverage of the Trojan War, etc. The Peter Gunn theme I always heard it in bed: no way I was going to be allowed to stay up and see it in 1958. But Henry Mancini’s music was hard to forget. How did they ever get him for television?

Anyway, I would love to hear from all of you out there–what were some of your favorite TV theme songs? Maybe I could offer a prize to the reader whose memory clip gets the most enthusiastic response from the rest of us.

How about it, boys ‘n’ girls? Any antique themes you’d like to share?

Meanwhile, please keep up the hymn requests. That’s always the first order of business around here.

*I have always wanted to use that word, but never had occasion for it till now.

9 comments on “Memory Lane Game: Some Harmless Fun (With Peter Gunn)

  1. Hm… Toss up between the themes of Green Acres and The Beverly Hillbillies for me (and I recently saw a meme altering the lyrics for the latter to: “They said that Californie was the place you want to flee/so they loaded up their truck and moved back to Tennessee”).

    1. I like the new lyrics for the Hillbillies (I did like the old also). Petticoat Junction’s theme song I liked. Gilligan’s Island is another tune I still remember all the words. The Musters theme music was short, but another favorite. I still remember the words for Green Acres, and I can hum the tune for Bonanza. Both are on my list of favorites.

      Right now, it’s probably a tie for the top two – Rawhide, the way Frankie Laine belted out that song, wow, what a voice. Hawaii Five-O’s theme music I liked so much I bought the 45 record (I think that was in 68).

      Right now, on the top of my list for theme music for TV shows (of course this list is subject to change as I reminisce and ponder about the long ago):

      Hawaii Five-O
      Peter Gunn
      Mission Impossible

  2. I always liked the theme songs of “Rawhide” and “Bonabnza,” even though the latter didn’t have any words.

  3. It doesn’t get much better than Mancini. For many years, I’ve loved the song Charade, which Mancini wrote for the movie of the same name. It’s been used as a Jazz Standard for years, but the original version was more along the lines of Peter Gunn, with a sound reminiscent of Duane Eddy. Mancini developed that sound in use for movie and TV themes. Later on, a similar was used in Spaghetti Westerns by Ennio Moricone, albeit with a bit harder of an edge.

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