‘A Stupid Movie for Stupid Dullards’ (2018)

“Hey, boss, I got an idea! Let’s make a movie updating those Bee-Trish Whatsit stories!”

“Sounds good! What could do Peter Rat, I think it’s called. That’s the most famous one.”

A Stupid Movie for Stupid Dullards

I suppose we can be thankful that Sony Pictures didn’t get this idea in 2023. Then the movie would’ve been full of transgender rabbits and drag queen farmers.

Not that the movie was any kind of success. Someday there will be no evidence that it ever existed.

But Hollywood and Disney and Marvel and the rest of ’em will never run out of appallingly stupid ideas for movies.

6 comments on “‘A Stupid Movie for Stupid Dullards’ (2018)

  1. One thing that I find quite consistent is that the entertainment powers that be are completely unable to come up with anything new. All they can do is try to update something already existing, and erase the charm of the original work.

    1. I’m sure there are many creative and original artists out there whose work is routinely rejected by the perverted “mainstream”.

  2. I’ve seen scenes from this movie. It is utterly retarded. I am 100% certain that the rebellious, atheistic, morals-are-subjective, modern-art-worshipping, tradition destroying, history rewriting, chronologically snobbish spirit of the age makes people utterly incapable of having an original idea or making anything good.

    1. Don’t hold your feelings in. 🙂

      I agree completely. I’ve all but given up on movies and have completely given up on new music.

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