FBI Spying on Churches

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Rep. Jim Jordon: his committee probes the FBI’s abuse of power

What? Have we run out of gangsters? Are there no more enemy agents to track down?

As if spying on parents weren’t bad enough (that is, parents who object to Far Left racialist school board policies), now the FBI is spying on our churches (https://aclj.org/government-corruption/the-fbi-planted-undercover-agents-inside-churches).

Leaked documents, made public by the House Judiciary Committee, show that the FBI took it into its head to ferret out “radical traditionalist Catholics and their ideology… developing sources among church leaders”–and recruiting informers to rat out their fellow church members. The FBI denies it, but the evidence is more than abundant: these abuses will not and cannot be denied.

The FBI is morphing into the KGB. Right before our eyes. It deserves to be defunded, broken up, and replaced.

This is what happens when you let the Democrat Party and the deep state run wild. It remains open to question whether we will ever again have an honest and fair national election.

Not if they can help it, we won’t.

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  1. “the threat of radical traditionalist Catholics” ?!?! About the last thing on my list of worries is the threat of radical traditionalist Catholics.

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