‘When Islam Nearly Conquered All’ (2017)

In the 16th century the Turks of the Ottoman Empire tried three times to conquer all of Europe. The closest they came was the siege of Malta.

When Islam Nearly Conquered All

It seems like a chapter in the Bible: an irresistible heathen force attacks an immovable object held in place by God… and is destroyed. You don’t think that small force defending Malta did it without the grace of God, do you?

“The Great Siege of Malta, 1565” makes inspiring reading.

But we wonder: will Europe ever defend itself again? Or will the globalists simply gobble it up for breakfast while Islamic “migrants” take over?

It’s entirely up to God.

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  1. Islam is in a better position now than it was then. We need more men like Bernard Piffy. He has been combatting the Critical Race Theory people. Go to allauthor.com/book/67189/ or type in Denis Schulz on the Internet for “Critical Race Theory and the Zeus Factor.” And please remember the only differences between a Jihadi and a Nazi is a Nazi will drink a beer with you and won’t molest your Labrador retriever.

  2. One of my favorite books! A great scene is the Knights of Malta going first to prayer as the invaders descend…

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