‘Teacher’ Threatens to Shoot Students

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Bad enough I have to write about stuff like this: I’m not going to put up a picture of it, too. Here’s a nice goldfinch instead.

I don’t like to cover nooze on Sunday, but I’m afraid this item will disappear if I wait till tomorrow.

A “transgender” public school teacher in Florida has been “removed” for making threats against students–but no action was taken until the Florida Dept. of Education intervened (https://thepostmillennial.com/update-florida-dept-of-education-removes-trans-teacher-who-threatened-to-shoot-students). Only then did the county school district yank the loon.

Hello! Anybody home? Why would they hire a tranny in the first place? And why in Heaven’s name are they all walking on eggs when it comes to easily avoidable foolishness like this?

Dig this, from the report by The Postmillenial: “A teacher–” did you get that? teacher. Meaning only one–“made threats of harming students and themselves…” What??? Since when is “teacher” promoted to “themselves”? I mean, you’ve got this effing nut-case threatening to murder children, and these gavones at The Postmillenial are sodding around with pronouns?

And they wouldn’t have fired, wouldn’t even have suspended this wacko, unless the state Dept. of Education intervened. Loony-pants would still be there, complete with itchy trigger finger.

When will our poor, abused country have had enough of liberals’ Transgender utopia? When do we get to throw it overboard and go back to not having it?

Unless, of course, you think shooting someone full of hormones year after year, and surgically mutilating him or her (no, you are not going to get me to say “them”!), does absolutely no harm and leaves the ol’ psyche as sound as an anvil.

And every time a tranny flies off the handle… somehow that’s our fault?

But that comes from Biden.

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  1. I had read about that. No “transgender” person should be teaching children or any one else. Someone that is insane, mentally unstable, or that delusional has no business near a school or a library.

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