Are We Really Quite That Stupid?

What it means when you can't remember a word

“What did I just see? What was it? Oh, why can’t I remember!!!”

Having let the cat out of the bag, Anheuser-Busch thinks they can stuff it back in. And we’ll all get amnesia and forget we ever saw it.

So they’ve quickly brought out the Clydesdales and schmaltzy Americana, and “This is a story bigger than beer…” ( “America’s beer, Bud Light,” blah-blah. You can drive your horse past the ol’ country church twenty times a day–

And you’ll still be “that Transgender beer.” From now on.

You took this yuccch! tranny and rubbed him in our faces, thinking it would ramp up your sales, astounded when you lost several billion dollars.

No, no, no! We don’t want Transgender! We want it to go away, to be heard of no more. We are appalled that it’s got this far. We dread what The Next Big Thing will be. How can they get lower than this? But they’re liberals and they will always find a way to be worse.

Do they really, truly think they can make us forget the wacko that they served up to us as–what? What about this creature was supposed to delight us?

That next step down is gonna be a doozy. I wonder if we’ll survive it.

9 comments on “Are We Really Quite That Stupid?

  1. The irony of it is that DM isn’t really trans. He’s an actor. A spoof. A caricature. He couldn’t get the attention he craved when he acted like this as a gay man, but once he put on a dress and became a “girl”, he got all the attention he wanted. People who genuinely struggle with gender dysphoria and are genuinely trans do NOT act like this. They do not want the attention. They just want to deal with their dysphoria in a way that works for them. The backlash from DM and others like him is coming from real trans people as well, and they are speaking out, because not only are the DMs of the world erasing women, but they are erasing people with genuine gender dysphoria as well.

  2. Every time the news channels I watch begin to do tranny stories I switch the channel. I am not giving that perversion the time of day. How about the news covering what is in the latest leaked Pentagon Papers? They hailed them back in the early 1970’s when they exposed the lies about the Viet Nam War, but now hide it and concentrate on the poor sap who leaked them to his chat room buddies. And did you know that four of the five who broke into the Watergate Holtel worked for the CIA?

  3. The whole thing astounds me. Budweiser has offended many of their customers, and is responding with transparently phony ads about their patriotism and a highly diluted statement from their CEO, which wastes words and, in essence, says nothing.

    Personally, I don’t have a dog in the fight. If I were interested in having a beer, it would be Coors, ‘cause I lived in Colorado, for years, and that’s what Coloradans drink. But I feel sympathy for the ordinary workers at AB whose jobs are in peril because of a marketing idea that backfired badly, and for which they bore zero responsibility.

    A friend of mine who works in finance, thinks that the company is now doomed. It reminds me of Gillette, and the ad they ran which many of their customers found insulting. How many billions of dollars did that lose?

    Hey, I’ve got an idea; why don’t these companies seek to sell their products, on the merits of those products, and quit trying to influence their customer’s lives and opinions?

    1. There was that one, and another where there were a bunch of man standing next to their charcoal grills and the question was asked; “is this the best a man can be?” There were a couple of boys wrestling in that one, and the basic idea was that males are a bunch of brutes. Pure horse crap, if you ask me, and that was the add that ended my doing business with them. Strangely, I have, easily, a lifetime supply of their blades, on a shelf, but I use a Norelco electric, these days, and wear a beard at times.

    2. I don’t know what it’s called, but I see a lot of it in the younger males coming up. Wimp, comes to mind.

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