You Won’t Censor ‘Harmful Content’? Jail for You!

Internet Censorship: Virtual Voices Silenced – Le Petit Colonel

The UK’s Technology and Science Secretary has called for prison sentences for “social media bosses” who refuse to censor “harmful” content (

So much for the Magna Carta, eh?

It’s part of an “Online Safety Bill” intended to punish “all forms of expression–” yes, they do say all–“which spread, incite, promote, or justify hatred…” Especially of any particular group (“transgendered,” for instance) that the government wishes to promote.

And they’re gonna be really hard on “disinformation,” which, they say, can cause “serious harm to children.” The government will decide on what constitutes “disinformation.” It’ll probably be anything they dislike.

So what is “harmful” content? Anything the government says is harmful content. And what is “hatred”? Anything the government says is hatred!

That’ll keep the censors busy, won’t it? Deciding who goes to jail, and who doesn’t, on the basis of whatever might appear on their social media platforms.

Honk if you want to live this way.

Thank God the American colonies won their war for independence. Let’s pray we can keep it.

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  1. It is hard to believe England was once the greatest empire in the world, and now they are such wusses. Douglas Murray is right when he says all of Europe is on life-support.

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