1,000 Scientists Reject ‘Veganism’

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Thanks, but no thanks!

It’s come to this–we actually needed a thousand scientists to warn us off “veganism” and the “zealotry” of insisting on a total “plant-based” diet (https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2023/04/29/vegan-diet-meat-scientists-british-beef-livestock-farming/).

Gee, we’ve only been eating meat for untold thousands of years, and suddenly The Smart People of this fallen world demand we kick the habit and settle for a no-meat, all-plant diet–when they’re not trying to get us to eat bugs. But the scientists in their petition warn us that meat is “crucial to human health.” They must be Racists! Or something.

Get it through your heads: our ruling class despises us and they’re doing everything they can to reduce us to defenseless slavery. That means you, John Kerry and the World Economic Forum. You sit on top of that pyramid you’ve built and think you can transgender us into oblivion.

You used to chant this, but now it’s our turn: “Hell no, we won’t go!”


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  1. God made a covenant with Noah and told him to eat meat. In the eptistles, Paul said to be patient with those who just eat vegetables. As for eating bugs, their insides have to be cleaned out first just like meat animals or else they are poisonous.

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