Respect ‘Public Officials’–Or Else

LILLE, FRANCE - FEBRUARY 07: A demonstrator holds a panel with a picture of french President Emmanuel Macron reading "pensioners, I will bleed you"as demonstrators march through the streets of Lille in protest of the pension reform on February 07, 2023 in Lille, France. Protests have been taking place across …

Actually there are lots of people in France who don’t respect this dindle.

A French court has sentenced a 77-year-old man to “re-education” for hanging up a banner that’s something less than adulatory to President Emmanuel Macron (

In France it’s against the law “to show contempt for public officials.” This from the folks who used to gather round the guillotine.

That slurping sound you hear out there is U.S. Democrats licking their lips for envy. If only we could have that here!

Anyhow, the judge was embarrassed to pack the old guy off to prison (can you say “Chateau D’If”?), the cops were kind of embarrassed to arrest him, so he was sentenced to a compulsory “citizenship course.” Highly insulting, isn’t it?

Quick Quiz: How many nanoseconds would it take U.S. Democrats to pass that law here, if they had the votes?

3 comments on “Respect ‘Public Officials’–Or Else

  1. “Chateau D’If,” now where did I hear that name before? Aw yes, from one of my favorite films of 2002, “The Count of Monte Cristo” starring Jim Caviezel and Guy Pearce. What a great story/movie.

    Yeah, that’s the kind of “justice” most Demoncrats would like to have in place. And some would probably like to dish out the once a year beating, to those who they placed in prison.

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